ICAC Inspector Functions

The ICAC Inspector is a part-time statutory appointment that oversees the ICAC. The purpose of the Inspector is to ensure that the Commissioner and his office are acting within their powers under the ICAC Act as part of an ongoing review process.

The Inspector has the following functions:

  • evaluation of the ICAC’s performance (including an annual report)
  • receive and deal with complaints about the Commissioner or members of the ICAC’s staff
  • make recommendations to the Commissioner or to public bodies in respect of practices or procedures.

The Inspector can also refer matters to law enforcement agencies, the Commissioner or public bodies for investigation, disciplinary action, prosecution, or a combination of those, depending on the matter.

The Inspector can also receive and investigate complaints about the Commissioner and his office. Further information about the ICAC Inspector is available on his website. To contact the ICAC Inspector follow this link.

The Inspector is, in essence, an external contractor. The position is not an NT Government position which ensures the Inspector’s independence from both Government and the Office of the ICAC.

While the Office of the ICAC is responsible for the Inspector’s remuneration, the terms and conditions of the Inspector’s appointment are such that the Department of the Chief Minister facilitates all other requirements.

The Department of the Chief Minister is responsible for providing suitable office space during periods of time that the Inspector is in the Territory, as well as ensuring that appropriately qualified staff are available to assist the Inspector as required. That is, the Inspector and his staff will be physically separated from, and independent of the Office of the ICAC during periods of time in the Territory.

The ICAC Act specifically states that the Inspector is not subject to direction by any person about the way of his performance of functions.

Appointment to the position of ICAC Inspector requires that the person must be a former judge of a superior Court; or a lawyer who has been admitted to the legal profession for at least 10 years. They cannot previously have been the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption or a member of the ICAC's staff.

The Inspector is appointed for five years and is not eligible for reappointment.