The ICAC may request a public body or public officer to whom recommendations have been made to give written notice to the ICAC, within a reasonable time specified in the notice of:

  • the steps taken or proposed to be taken to implement the recommendations; or
  • if no steps, or only some steps, have been taken or are proposed to be taken, the reasons for not taking all the steps necessary to implement the recommendations.

If the ICAC is not satisfied that adequate steps have been taken to implement the recommendations within a reasonable time as specified, the ICAC, after considering any comments made by the public body or public officer, may:

  • if the public officer is a minister – make a report concerning recommendations under section 56; or
    • give a copy of the recommendations and a copy of the comments to the responsible Minister for the public body or public officer; and
    • invite the responsible Minister to provide a written response to the ICAC within a reasonable time specified in the invitation.

This section does not apply to recommendations made in a general report.