What happens in our investigations?

During our investigations, we:

  • analyse information to determine if improper conduct has taken place
  • use investigative techniques to gather information
  • undertake private or public examinations.
Why we investigate

The decision to start an investigation does not mean there has been any improper conduct. Rather, we investigate to:

  • determine if there is evidence of criminal conduct and potential criminal offences involved
  • determine if there is evidence of conduct warranting disciplinary action
  • expose strengths and weaknesses in an organisation’s processes that could allow improper to occur.
Duration of investigations

The duration of our investigations depend on the complexity and nature of the allegations.

There is no time limit on how long an investigation must or must not take. Some may be able to be resolved quite quickly, while others will take a significant amount of time (months or years).

If you are approached by an Office of the ICAC Investigator

Every Office of the ICAC Investigator is issued with an identification card which includes a photograph.

An Office of the ICAC Investigator must show their ID to those that they approach, unless it is not practical to do so in the circumstances.

Involved in an investigation?

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