Public statements

The ICAC may make a public statement in relation to a matter he is dealing with or has dealt with, including a matter he has referred to a referral entity, for any of the following purposes:

  • to provide information about action taken or that may be taken by the ICAC in relation to the matter;
  • to indicate that it would be inappropriate for the ICAC to comment on the matter;
  • to refuse to confirm or deny anything in relation to the matter;
  • to seek evidence in relation to the matter in the course of preliminary inquiries into, or an investigation of, the matter;
  • to provide information about a referral, including the outcome of the referral;
  • to address public misconception about a person or issue of which the ICAC has particular knowledge;
  • to request the Legislative Assembly to authorise the publication, or disclosure to the ICAC, of information or an item that is or may be the subject of parliamentary privilege.

The ICAC may make a public statement, in a manner determined by the ICAC, to:

  • the public at large; or
  • a section of the public; or
  • a particular person or body.