If the ICAC has given the responsible Minister for a public body or public officer a copy of recommendations and comments, and:

  • the responsible Minister provides a written response to the ICAC; or
  • the responsible Minister does not provide a written response within the time specified,

the ICAC may make a report concerning the recommendations to the ICAC Minister.

A report concerning recommendations:

  • may contain as much information as the ICAC considers appropriate regarding the reasons for the recommendations and the context in which they were made; and
  • must contain a fair representation of:
    • any reasons provided by the public body or public officer for not taking all the steps necessary to implement the recommendations; and
    • any response provided by the responsible Minister for the public body or public officer.

The ICAC Minister must table a copy of the report concerning recommendations in the Legislative Assembly within six sitting days after the ICAC Minister receives the report.