The ICAC may, at any time, make a general report in relation to any of the following:

  • an audit or review carried out
  • systemic issues the ICAC has identified in one or more public bodies in relation to improper conduct
  • matters the ICAC believes on reasonable grounds may be affecting the incidence of improper conduct in one or more public bodies
  • the reporting of improper conduct by public bodies and public officers, including the following:
    • the adequacy of reporting and of mechanisms to enable or encourage reporting;
    • the extent to which reporting is encouraged and supported;
    • the impact on persons who report or assist in dealing with improper conduct;
  • matters that the ICAC considers have seriously affected, or may seriously affect, the ICAC's ability to perform the ICAC's functions, including the following:
    • intentional or unintentional obstruction of the ICAC
    • unexpected events
    • current or proposed laws of the Territory
    • adequacy of resources available to the ICAC.

Any general report is in addition to the mandatory report the ICAC must provide in relation to the results of an audit or review.

A general report may contain also contain recommendations.

A general report must contain information as to the factual basis on which the ICAC expresses any opinions in the report, but the ICAC is not required to include details about specific investigations, unless the ICAC considers it in the public interest to do so.

The ICAC must not:

  • make a general report about the processes or procedures by which judicial decisions are made; or
  • in a general report take issue with the merits of a judicial decision.

A general report may be made to a public body or public officer that the ICAC considers would be assisted by the report or the Speaker.