The primary purpose of the Office of the ICAC is to address improper conduct in, or connected with, public administration – that is, the activities of Government.

Therefore, reports made to the Office of the ICAC must directly relate to public administration, and they must fall within the definitions of improper conduct. See What is improper conduct?

While the Office of the ICAC will investigate improper conduct by public bodies and public officers, it is also be able to investigate those private individuals, businesses and organisations that are in receipt of government funding.

For example, those who are in receipt of NTG funding through procurement or grant activities, or deliver a service on behalf of NTG. It is also able to investigate those individuals who are in receipt of Commonwealth funding in any instance where that funding is being administered by the NTG.

It does not matter if the improper conduct is real or suspected. The Office of the ICAC recognises that people will often not have proof of a suspicion that improper conduct is occurring, but rather an impression or informed view that something isn’t quite right. It is our responsibility to investigate whether or not the suspicion is founded.

Not sure where to complain?

The NT Independent Commissioner Against Corruption deals with complaints about improper conduct in public administration in the Northern Territory. There are many other agencies that can accept and deal with complaints about particular government and private sector functions. Even for NT Government and local government complaints, there may be a more appropriate office to deal with your complaint.

See the list of alternative complaint handling offices.