When we receive your report, we will acknowledge receipt. We may also contact you for more information to help us assess any allegations and inform our decision.

Note: If you made your report anonymously we will not be able to contact you or discuss it with you.

We carefully assess each report based on:

  • the information you provide; and
  • relevant information available to us that could be connected to your report.

The Office of the ICAC receives a significant volume of reports. While we will make every effort to get back to those who make reports, we are unable to provide indicative timeframes of when people may receive information regarding the outcome of a report.

Report outcomes

Depending on the nature of your report, we may decide to:

1. Refer your report to another agency

This may be because the matter:

  • doesn't involve improper conduct;
  • falls outside who and what we investigate; and/or
  • should go to another agency that is better placed to act on it.

2. Take no further action

This may be because:

  • there isn't enough information for us to assess it;
  • there is no way to confirm the details you provided or seek further information from you;
  • it has already been investigated by another agency and there is no new evidence; and/or
  • the report is trivial or vexatious.

3. Conduct preliminary inquiries 

Preliminary inquiries help us determine whether to investigate, refer or close your report.

4. Investigate your report

By law, we must prioritise investigations into the most serious or systemic improper conduct.

We will only provide reasons for the decision if your report is a protected communication.

Anyone can make a report to us about improper conduct that is related to public administration in the NT. More information on reporting improper conduct can be found here.

If your report isn't about improper conduct connected to public administration, find out which other agencies you can contact here.