1. Understand what we do and who we can and can't investigate;
  2. Check if we are the right agency in the Northern Territory to report to (we refer complaints to the appropriate agency);
  3. Be clear on what you are reporting about;
  4. If you have already reported to another agency, have those details ready;
  5. Understand your privacy options;
  6. Understand what happens to your report;
  7. If you're calling us, make sure you have pen and paper;
  8. If you have a vision or hearing impairment, or require interpreter assistance please call us on 1800 250 918.

Do you have to notify the Office of the ICAC? Public bodies and public officer must notify us of suspected improper conduct under the Mandatory Reporting Guidelines.

You can be protected. The Office of the ICAC handles your information and personal details carefully and in accordance with relevant legislation. If you are still concerned about your privacy, you can choose to make a report or provide information anonymously.

Find out more about your privacy here.

Find out more about protected communications here.