The Office of the ICAC is made up of five different areas:

  • Executive
  • Business Services
  • Prevention
  • Investigations
  • Assessments

At present, the Office has a total of 22 staff members.

Secondments and external contractors

The Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (Consequential and Related Amendments) Act 2017 amends the Procurement Act to allow the ICAC to contract and/or second investigators and legal services completely independent of the usual NT Government procurement process. This allows the ICAC to source such services confidentially to secure the independence of his Office and its investigations.

This exemption does not apply to corporate services, or services related to education and training. For these types of procurement, the ICAC and his Office must follow NT Government procurement processes.


The Office of the ICAC has an annual budget of $3.61million. This is divided predominantly between the operational costs of investigations, the Office’s educational responsibilities, and staffing costs.

The ICAC is able to seek a Treasurer’s Advance should additional funding be required, pending the Office’s investigations workload. That is, if more investigations are required than originally expected than when the budget was allocated, the ICAC can seek further funds in order to conduct these.

Further detailed information about the Office of the ICAC's budget will be found in the 2019-20 Budget Papers.

Reporting requirements

Like all Northern Territory Government agencies, the Office of the ICAC must give their minister, the ICAC Minister, a report on the performance of their functions over the course of a financial year within three months of the end of each financial year.

The annual report must include the following information for the relevant financial year:

  • number and general nature of allegations of improper conduct made;
  • number and general nature of reports made under mandatory reporting requirements;
  • number and general nature of referrals to other NT Government agencies;
  • number of search warrants issued to authorised officers;
  • number and general nature of any other warrants issued to authorised officers under a law of the Territory;
  • number and general nature of non-disclosure directions given;
  • indication of the kinds of activities conducted by the ICAC to prevent, detect and respond to improper conduct and the results of those activities;
  • an indication of the kinds of activities conducted by the ICAC to prevent and respond to retaliation and the results of those activities.