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Introduction to the ICAC and mandatory reporting

00:00 Introduction
04:20 Statutory functions
05:32 Common words and phrases
06:14 What is a public body?
08:22 Who is a public officer?
10:53 Types of conduct
12:00 What is corrupt conduct?
15:57 What is connected to public affairs?
17:03 Examples of corrupt conduct
22:21 What is misconduct?
24:48 What is a breach of public trust?
25:22 Corrupt conduct vs misconduct
26:07 What is unsatisfactory conduct
29:06 What is anti-democratic conduct?
32:53 Mandatory reporting directions
35:46 Protections for reporters
38:17 Frequently asked questions
46:07 Closing remarks

NTPS information sessions: Introduction to the NT ICAC

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The Office of the ICAC provides free monthly information sessions. These sessions are designed to assist public sector employees understand their obligations to report improper conduct, and the role and function of the Commission.

Introduction to the NT ICAC is a one-hour session that helps public sector employees understand why the ICAC was established, and the impact that improper conduct has on all Territorians.

If you are a public sector employee and would like to find out who the ICAC can and cannot investigate, this course will cover the powers of the ICAC to identify and investigate improper conduct. Participants will learn what improper conduct is and the protections available to people who report improper conduct to the ICAC.

Online attendance is also available through Microsoft Teams or a web browser. Once registrations have closed, a Microsoft Teams invitation will be sent to participants who have chosen this option.

NT Government agencies who wish to organise a tailored group training session or the development of in-house education and training tools can email