Before you complete this form:

  1. Understand what we can and cannot investigate.
  2. Check if we’re the right agency in the Northern Territory to report to.
  3. If you're not sure whether you should report a matter, call us on 1800 250 918.
  4. Be clear on what you are reporting.
  5. If you have already reported to another agency, have those details ready.
  6. Understand your privacy and what happens to your report.

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This form is only one way to make a report to the Office of the ICAC. More details on alternative ways to contact us can be found here.

If you are vision-impaired and want to submit a report, please call us on 1800 250 918.

Do you have to notify the Office of the ICAC?

Northern Territory Government public bodies and public officers must notify us of suspected improper conduct.

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You can make a report anonymously but this will impact our ability to seek further information and will impact our ability to progress your report.

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You can make a report on behalf of another person. However, you will need to prove that the person knows of your report and has authorised you to act on their behalf.
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If you don't know an exact time or date, please provide an approximate, eg January 2013. If the conduct happened more than once then please list the approximate timeframes.


Please include address if known. Suburb/town


eg occupation of person, badge number, car registration etc.
eg injury, financial, personal or professional loss.
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